School Behavior Solution - Change Behavior, Relieve Emotional Upset,  Change Habits -  Fast.


To get a better picture of what Iím offering, answer the following questions. Think seriously about what these things could mean for your schools. Then contact me and ask a few questions.

1.)  When a student disrupts a class, wouldn't the best possible solution be to have a simple self-help method everyone knows how to use to stop the disruption peacefully and rapidly, and also neutralize the trouble- maker's underlying emotional upset AND return the classes' attention back to the lesson, and do this within minutes?

2.)  Wouldn't it be a good idea to take advantage of a simple self-help method that can program students to work more peacefully with each other? And if by chance a student becomes disruptive, wouldn't it be "ideal" to know a quick process that teachers and students could use to help the disruptive student calm down within minutes instead of sending him to the office and getting that whole process started? Think of all the time wasted when that process gets set in motion. And you know how often it happens now. 

2b.) This exercise, when used at the beginning of a school day and at the beginning of each class, has the ability to knockout many future possibilities for disruptive behavior. ( No, itís not 100% guaranteed. ) But can you imagine how this might offer a distinct advantage for total student and teacher behavior?

With the prevalence of personal computers in your schools today, itís hard to imagine what it would be like if only one person knew how to use them. That single computer wiz would be run ragged, helping everybody from one end of the building to the other - real life comedy worth posting on youtube. That's why it only makes sense for everyone in the school to know how to use this simple process.

3.) School medical clinic personnel admit that the primary reason pupils visit them is either because of a headache or a stomach ache. What if almost all those kids got better on their own and never had to leave their classrooms?  Wouldn't that be the best outcome?

4.) How often do teachers get sick and require a substitute?__________ How much money per year does your school shell out for substitutes? __________ How often do teachers take mental health days? __________ Do you even have a way to know ďfor sureĒ why they stay home? __________

The School Behavior Solution can greatly relieve physical and emotional problems. No, it wonít heal a broken arm in a second or replace a surgeon. Yet, author, Don Colbert, M.D. tells us on the cover of his book, Deadly Emotions:

Anger and hostility may trigger hypertension and coronary artery disease.

-- Resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, and self-hatred may trigger autoimmune disorders, 
   rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.

-- Anxiety may trigger irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks, mitral
   valve prolapse, and heart palpitations

-- Repressed anger may trigger tension and migraine headaches, chronic
   back pain, TMJ, and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Colbert does not ever mention the process I teach that can "quickly" relieve anger, hostility, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, self-hatred and anxiety. But from his experience in his medical practice he knows negative emotions play a major role in causing illness. Itís not much of a stretch then to acknowledge that many stomach aches and headaches are caused by upsetting emotions, which can be neutralized by my process.

4b.) Suspend your disbelief for a moment and answer this question: Wouldn't it be greatly beneficial if you had a process that could cut emotional and physical health problems in your schools without medications, and without medical personnel?

A recent report carried this title: 
ďOne in four American women take medication for a mental disorder.Ē
Read that article and notice it also says: "Usage has quadrupled among men aged between 20 and 64 over
the last decade." You already know you permit medicated students in your classrooms along with medicated
teachers. The side effects for many of these drugs are the same as those of illegal drugs: They can cause irritability, anxiety, aggression, odd or violent behavior, and thoughts of suicide. Did you know almost all the school shooters were taking psychiatric medication? Bullying has been with us since time began, but psych meds have not. You would be ahead of most school administrators if you
watch this one movie about ADHD and psychiatric fraud.

4c.) If the School Behavior Solution improved emotional and physical health of your teachers and students,, itís no stretch to understand how this could lead to fewer absent teachers and students.

5.) How many times do teachers or students drag their feet or refuse to do something because of fear or animosity? How often do they fear some kind of social interaction - or fear being laughed at - fear social pressure from friends, teachers, parents - fear not being good enough - fear speaking in front of a group - fear taking tests - fear failure? Wouldn't your schools benefit by having a process that could eliminate these kinds of fears?  I realize that you are probably reading this in total disbelief, but thatís only because you probably are completely unfamiliar with this process. Am I right?

6.) The process I teach can be used to improve all sorts of performance. And it can do this partly because of it's ability to relieve emotional distress and unnatural fear. It can also work to improve music, drama, and sports performance. Some professional athletes already use it. If you're thinking this sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that all kinds of mastery can already be improved by two things you do all the time. Iím talking about eating and sleeping. Think about it. Isn't it true that getting enough sleep and eating can improve a bad mood, raise your energy level, boost your alertness, and sharpen your concentration? Okay, so you already know that. The process I teach just goes a baby step farther.

6b.) Wouldn't learning a new process that can improve student and teacher performance in sports, music and drama, ( sometimes in minutes) be a welcome addition to your schools? 

7.)  Reading problems fall into the category of performance, but I want to highlight reading. There are cases of people's reading abilities being helped by this process, sometimes in a shockingly short time. It can also help dyslexic students. Wouldn't having a process that can help poor readers improve quickly be worth using? 

8.) This process can be used to erase a bad habit and replace it with a good one.  And it can sometimes work within 10-30 minutes. Wouldn't that be worth knowing how to do?

9.) Can we agree that teachers and students traumatized by past events would be happier, more productive and peaceful if they could neutralize the upsetting emotions associated with those events?

9b.) I'm talking about everything -- sexual abuse, grief, anger, you name it.  Aren't certain students and teachers coming to school from homes where daily life is extremely upsetting? 

9c.) Isn't their negative baggage affecting how they interact with everyone at school and also harming their ability to function as productive students?

9d.) Do you know teachers adversely affected by tragedies and negative events in their lives whose teaching ability and rapport with the kids are harmed by negative life experiences?

9e.) Wouldn't it be in your schoolsí best interest to be able to teach everyone how to erase trauma and emotional upset with a simple self-help exercise? 

Most counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists still live in the Dark Ages and think traditional counseling and drugs are the only tools available. They remain unaware of this process, even though thousands of people around the world already use it. Some of those professionals who ďhaveĒ heard of it are so skeptical they dismiss it simply because they can't believe a simple process could do what it has been doing for years.

I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me now, or keep reading.

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