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Of course you are!   You can't imagine a technique like this being for real.

But seeing is believing, especially when something is new. So, although I could fill this website with details of what is actually a simple process, I’ll make this suggestion instead. Look at your calendar and decide when we can meet for a demo. Or at least email me with a few questions.

Wouldn't a free demonstration and discussion time be more satisfying than mere explanations? Think of it this way. If you're considering a new car purchase, you want to see and drive that car first, even if you already know a lot about it. Right? ( and a car isn't a new concept. ) So, if you're considering a new but simple technique that might "revitalize" your entire school system, wouldn’t you want to see it in action?

Besides learning and experiencing this process yourself, wouldn't the best demo be to have me meet with a group of principals, teachers, staff, students and parents?  They could experience it. You would see and hear the results. But of course it all begins with
you. Ask me questions. The variables determining your demo need to be discussed so you can be completely satisfied.

There can be several demos beginning with a meeting with just you, or a few people,  then moving to several different groups.

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Email me.