School Behavior Solution - Change Behavior, Relieve Emotional Upset,  Change Habits -  Fast.


The Real Cost

Beyond the initial free demo, the cost for me to implement this program in all your schools will depend on a range of details to be discussed. The easiest way to finance it would be to pay me a percentage of the savings you realize after instituting this program. That means no upfront financial investment. How many offers do you get like that?

A secondary cost comes in terms of time, the time that teachers, students, and staff spend learning and using the process, and also time spent tabulating simple stats to prove the changes that are in fact taking place. But you can rest assured, The School Behavior Solution is more like learning to play checkers than learning a foreign language. In other words, its a simple process. It will probably save your schools money by cutting down on the need for substitute teachers, besides all the other positive changes. But hey, I know that only sounds like a sales pitch. The proof is in the daily use of the process for a multitude of issues and the results you will see and record.

Jot down a few questions and contact me. If youd like to discuss this on the phone, email me with your number and the best time to talk.

Steve DeSanto
Fort Wayne, Indiana            Email - Steve DeSanto