School Behavior Solution - Change Behavior, Relieve Emotional Upset,  Change Habits -  Fast.


About The Demo:
You have many options. If youíre reading this, you obviously have at least some interest, and there are so many ways a demo might be designed to demonstrate results you want but havenít been able to achieve so far. I am, after all, not promoting a process for something you can already accomplish on your own.  I would in fact enjoy hearing from you if you can already achieve what I talk about on page 2 of this website.

I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so the nature of what I can offer will differ depending on where your school system is located.

The School Behavior Solution represents a major shift in the way people deal with emotional upset quickly as well as how to install or eliminate behaviors. The demo will initiate you and anyone present into how the method works so that they can use it for the rest of their lives. Once you know the process, you could conceivably teach it in your schools without my help. Of course, just as there is more to surgery than cutting with a scalpel, thereís more to this than knowing the process in itís basic form. As with any subject, you generally hire a professional to act as a teacher or coach until heís no longer necessary. In sports, for instance, you hire a coach to organize and lead the team, even though the students already know ďhowĒ to play the game. Knowing HOW doesnít mean staying organized, improving skills, or being disciplined and winning games.

My desire is to get this process up and running in entire school systems for one big reason: The process can achieve things you and your staff canít do without it..

Now, letís get on to some possible demo options.

Option #1

A.)  I could meet with you for a private demo.

Option #2

Compose a list of 10-20 problem students, the ones who get sent to the office, the ones who hold major issues of grief, anger, resentment, etc.  I could meet with them 6 times over the course of 3 weeks. ( You and I will set goals for the students before I meet them.) Their positive attitude adjustments will be measured based on their past history.

Option #3

I can work with one entire classroom 6 times over the course of three weeks.

Option #4

I can work with a group of teachers, staff and administrators.

Option #5

 We can talk and tailor a demo to your specs.

Think about this: Isnít getting positive results your bottom line? Do you want to put a process to work in your schools that can achieve goals you havenít been able to achieve?

Contact me. Letís discuss the possibilities.

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