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   Superintendents - Cut Behavior Problems in Your Schools Fast with The School Behavior Solution

Steve DeSanto - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Let's get one thing straight. I'm not talking about only addressing what you probably imagine when you read the words, "behavior problems." That definition is too narrow. The best school behavior solution addresses more than student disruptions. While disruptions might be the most talked about behavior problems, they aren't the only ones! Think about the word behavior. It applies to everything a person does.

What I’m introducing is a solution for a broad spectrum of behaviors, and it enables students and teachers to relieve their negative issues that often bring the learning process to a screeching halt.

I’m Steve DeSanto, host of the School Behavior Solution, and I’m here to tell you of a surprisingly simple process that can reduce problems caused by emotional upset of all kinds: anger, fear, grief, resentment. You already know students and teachers stay home because they’re upset by a circumstance or person they don’t want to face.

Imagine being able to change bad attitudes in minutes and enjoy doing it! How often do teachers call in “sick” when all they want is a “mental health day,” a day away from bad attitudes and negativity at school?”

How much money does your school system lose to hiring substitutes for those vacancies? Would you like to reduce that amount?

The truth is the School Behavior Solution is a self-help exercise everyone can use to achieve many positive outcomes in minutes that you and your teachers and staff have not been able to achieve without it.
It can be a quick-fix for problems most people consider difficult or overwhelming. And if you’re suspicious of quick fixes, I have a question. Are you still suspicious of our most common quick-fix  for darkness, the electric light? Of course not! You just flip a switch -- without considering that this instant solution for darkness was not an option over the course of most of human history? Nobody is suspicious of quick-fixes that are now a part of daily life. Before continuing, take a look at this
list of authorities whose expertise did not allow them to see the future. Will your name grace that list some day?

Can you afford to lose a chance to learn a new and simple protocol that can be demonstrated to improve student and teacher attitudes and performance quickly?  

I know you’re not looking for a “different” way to do what you already achieve with complete satisfaction. I'm not like a textbook salesman hawking a different textbook. What I'm presenting is more like the difference between a textbook versus a computer hooked to the net. This process is a form of rapid behavior and emotion management that usually works in minutes. 

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